Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Today’s Independent Ladies Fancy Gorgeous Diamond Designs in Wall, NJ

According to experts, this newfound financial power is mainly due to the fact that more women are achieving higher education than before. Recent data show that, among young people within the ages of 25-34, 47.2% of the women are college graduates, compared to only 37% of the men. New Jersey females also outnumber males in colleges and universities, in the ratio of 115:110; and interestingly, more and more female college students are entering the fields that were once dominated by men and which offer relatively higher income, such as science, engineering, and business. It was also found that career women nowadays are also putting off family life, with the average marrying age up to 27, compared to 23 in the 1990s. With little to no obligations other than themselves, they are able to afford a more comfortable lifestyle; and have the disposable income to spoil themselves with material fancies.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rolex Watches in Wall, NJ: Checking the Time with Style and Substance

With the introduction of Rolex’s first waterproof and dust-proof watch back in the late 20’s, modern watches have now been manufactured to withstand any weather and any environment, be it on water or on land. This did not mean, however, that style had been compromised, for Rolex watches are also made with sophistication, making it one of the top choices for designer watches in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Everyone, from businessmen to casual workers, is after the functionality and substance offered by a Rolex watch, which can virtually withstand any environment, especially along beaches such as Point Pleasant Beach. For some time, most people have been kept in the dark on how exactly these watches are made. Luckily, Manufacturing Global has been able to take a peek behind how these watches are made, and shared little known facts about Rolex watches.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sales of Bridal Jewelry Designs in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ to Grow

According to Diamonds.net, “the diamond engagement ring is the core purchase that begins the relationship between the jeweler and the couple, and it naturally accounts for the largest portion of revenue in the bridal jewelry market.” It was also found that the average amount of money couples are spending on diamond rings has increased to 40 percent, with the carat content up by 60 percent. The holiday season of 2014 particularly yielded sales of bridal jewelry and diamond collections as being strong. As the U.S. population continues to grow, and the persons with ages likely to purchase marriage jewelry (25 to 39) expected to grow by around 1.06 percent every year as well (from 2010 to 2020), it should only follow that jewelry purchases will also see an increase in numbers.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Unique Jewelry Designs in Wall, NJ by Galatea: Jewelry by Artist

This near field communication technology, or NFC, “allows a user to create a tailored voice message that can be played when the pearl is tapped against a compatible mobile device.” This is made possible by a tiny chip embedded in the pearl where the tiny computer works by induction energy rather than a battery. The Galatea app will automatically download when an NFC-enabled phone or table is placed near the Memento Pearl. Women looking for unique jewelry designs in Wall, NJ should check it out. Aside from creating voice messages, the Momento Pearl can also store digital content such as images, videos, and messages. The 14k gold jewelry itself is, of course, beautiful. The 63-SKU line has 29 pendants, 26 earrings, and 8 rings, all featuring hand-carved pearls in designs that are exclusive to the Momento collection.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hear, Hear! The Latest Earring Trends This Year

Whatever the occasion, be it a wedding, a social gathering, or a simple night out with the girls, you can perfectly complement your outfit with a shining pair of earrings. The best thing about these jewelry pieces is that you can either flaunt them or wear them discreetly, yet both would still look magnificent with any dress. This year, there are numerous earring designs that will surely be flaunted everywhere, from red carpets to parties.

Chandelier Earrings

These earrings would usually be associated with the idea of sophistication, for these would usually be worn with ball gowns and stunning dresses. Nevertheless, these are perfectly wearable with casual dresses. Another type of chandelier earrings, the dangle earrings (which, unlike chandelier, comprises multiple pendants hanging from one point), are also expected to be a hit on the fashion scene.

Monday, February 16, 2015

If the Brooch Fits, Wear It

Brooches are among the fine pieces you can check out at a leading fashion jewelry store in Wall, NJ. Wearing them as part of your outfit may help accentuate your appearance, as Michelle Obama has consistently shown. Still, even when you got a wide collection of brooches, good fashion sense calls for learning the proper settings to wear them.
The office demands professionalism and efficiency, and in this respect, your brooches must exhibit points for sophistication. Some style experts say light-colored clothes will work with brooches of dark materials like black metal; while darker-colored clothes like a suit can go well with, say, a muted gold/silver affair with a few gemstones. A smaller but elegant brooch can be eye-catchers when going to a business meeting. For positioning, put it high on jacket lapels.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Buyer’s Guide: Features of Designer Watches

Designers watches help give you a sophisticated look, especially if you’re heading to a formal get-together, a wedding, or even your day job. Nowadays, there are countless brands that offer different kinds of designer watches, each with unique styles and features. Whether you’re looking for a designer watch for a special occasion or as a gift, consider the features each one offers.
  1. Analog vs. Digital
Analog and digital are your two options for the watch’s display. The analog type is the traditional design that features numbers or markings on the face of the watch. This is considered more formal than the digital type. Digital designer watches have an LCD or LED display that shows the time in number format.