Monday, February 9, 2015

Buyer’s Guide: Features of Designer Watches

Designers watches help give you a sophisticated look, especially if you’re heading to a formal get-together, a wedding, or even your day job. Nowadays, there are countless brands that offer different kinds of designer watches, each with unique styles and features. Whether you’re looking for a designer watch for a special occasion or as a gift, consider the features each one offers.
  1. Analog vs. Digital
Analog and digital are your two options for the watch’s display. The analog type is the traditional design that features numbers or markings on the face of the watch. This is considered more formal than the digital type. Digital designer watches have an LCD or LED display that shows the time in number format.

  1. Water Resistant
Water resistance is another feature that is useful for designer watches. You wouldn’t want your newly-bought watch to come apart with just a little splash of water. Thankfully, most designer watches are water resistant to some degree.
  1. Scratch Resistance
To add further protection, some brands offer watches with scratch-resistant watch faces. This is particularly useful if you’re a bit on the clumsy side. Materials like acrylic plastic crystal and mineral crystal are treated with heat to increase the integrity of the glass.
Whatever brand you choose, you should always go for the design and features that will suit your lifestyle and activities you plan to pursue with your designer watch around your wrist.

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