Monday, February 16, 2015

If the Brooch Fits, Wear It

Brooches are among the fine pieces you can check out at a leading fashion jewelry store in Wall, NJ. Wearing them as part of your outfit may help accentuate your appearance, as Michelle Obama has consistently shown. Still, even when you got a wide collection of brooches, good fashion sense calls for learning the proper settings to wear them.
The office demands professionalism and efficiency, and in this respect, your brooches must exhibit points for sophistication. Some style experts say light-colored clothes will work with brooches of dark materials like black metal; while darker-colored clothes like a suit can go well with, say, a muted gold/silver affair with a few gemstones. A smaller but elegant brooch can be eye-catchers when going to a business meeting. For positioning, put it high on jacket lapels.

The Party
When hanging out with friends at a party or a night-out, go for a brooch that could make a lasting impact, particularly those with bright gemstones. Take the time to go through your collection, and pair them with appropriate party clothes. Make sure the brooch will enhance your outfit, without looking overly accessorized.
Dates are meant to be special – and your attire will be part of that. You will have to pick a brooch that does speak about your personality but will not overpower your clothes.

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