Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Other Ways on Wearing Your Bridal Jewelry

Gemstones, pearls, gold and the like—a bride’s look on her wedding day wouldn’t be complete without any of these radiant accessories that accentuate her beauty and elegance, catching the attention of everyone as she strolls down the aisle. It’s a girl’s dream to be a sparkling bride on her wedding day, accessorized with nothing but the most suitable jewelry on her.

Even with all that dazzle, however, there are even more interesting ways to shake things up a bit? Why not try these unconventional yet equally striking ways to wear your bridal jewelry on your big day.

Adorn your back
For much of the ceremony, you’ll be facing away from the audience and into the eyes of your husband-to-be. Why not give everyone something to look at? A backwards necklace or pendant adorned with a big jewel can work particularly well when it doesn’t contrast with the dress. This twist also adds a more feminine touch to your gown.

Accentuate your hair
If tiaras don’t seem to fit into your gown or your style, try wearing a necklace around your hair. You can particularly customize one, if you want, which can add a touch of Indian influence to your style.

Anklets are fine
Not comfortable with the long dresses? A short dress or ones that have a high-low hemline can be improved by wearing an anklet or a brooch.

Whatever preferences you have on how to wear your bridal jewelry, just remember that each piece should bring out the best in you.

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