Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not all that Glitters is Real Gold Jewelry

The main reason people wear any kind of jewelry is for self-adornment.  Jewelry basically enhances appearances to make the wearer appear more sophisticated and trendy.  Those who can afford genuine high value gems and jewels flaunt it, while those on a budget find themselves in a fashion jewelry store in Wall, NJ selecting fashion and costume jewelry pieces.

The role of costume and fashion jewelry
Both costume and fashion jewelry provide consumers the benefit of affordable accessories. These jewelry types mimic the appearance of finer pieces by using less expensive materials. Costume and fashion jewelry substitute these materials with plated metals and simulated gems.

Costume Jewelry
The term "costume jewelry" stems from its use in theater performances in the 1930s.  Directors wanted the audience to be dazzled by jewelry, but couldn’t afford real ones.  Women paid jewelers to craft pieces to be worn with only one outfit, in contrast to fashionistas today who purchase jewelry to match a variety of outfits that they own.

Fashion Jewelry
The differences between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are minimal and involve their intended use. They gained popularity in the 1980s as young women wore them to make statements and follow fashion trends. Fashion jewelry styles are constantly evolving as new trends emerge whereas costume jewelry emulates timeless pieces that are now considered vintage or antique.

Accessories help make a woman look fashionable but in the end, it’s how she carries herself and projects her personal style that really matter.

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