Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Benefits of Customized Jewelry Gifts

The practice of presenting jewelry as a gift to someone whom you value has been around in a long while. If you want to set yourself apart from others, why not go for custom jewelry?

Give the gift that has a bit of you in it
When you have a piece of jewelry custom-made for your beloved, you are not only meeting the recipient’s expectations, you are also personalizing it.  What can make a gift more memorable than one that has your beloved’s individual stamp on it? It is doubtful you could find a ready-made piece of jewelry that could achieve this.

Search until you get it right
The biggest advantage of customizing jewelry at a shop that offers this service is that you can experiment with the individual components, such as the material, color, shape, or size of the components in the piece.  Your options for ready-made pieces are obviously limited, so for a more meaningful turn for your jewelry, it makes more sense to choose to create a unique piece that is formed and shaped to exact specifications, rather than one that is “close” to what you’re looking for.  Many customers who have customized their bridal jewelry sets make sure that their pieces aren’t imitations of jewelry that inspired them, but are unique in their own right.

Work with an expert
Having a jewelry customized involves a consultation with a professional jeweler who will design the piece for you, and then proceed with the process of casting, setting, and finishing, using his or her company’s latest technology. Make sure your instructions are precise and listen to any recommendations the jeweler might have about what is achievable and what isn’t. Anything bespoke entails a slightly higher cost, but the feeling of 100% satisfaction in the finished piece will be worth it.

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